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Actually I write things like

Actually I write things like that because I love the angry hate-filled responses I get from hypocritical people who go around pretending to love everyone. I have rarely seen such thinly masked hate as a Christian will unleash in the face of mockery. To your credit though, I was expecting threats of eternal damnation and hell for my evil. That's what I usually get.

I also get immense entertainment value out of reading Christians write about ridiculous cartoonish nonsense which sounds every ounce as silly as the Dungeon's and Dragons pantheon; and yet, for you guys, this crazy shit is real! Like you really actually think there are winged, a-sexual celestial bird-men flying around in the clouds, and half-giant, half-demon berserkers designed by the arch-duke of Hell, Satan, in order to exterminate the line of Jesus. I mean this shit is insane enough to go into a fictional RPG, and yet you guys really BELIEVE it. It probably explains why my parents were so terrified of D&D. They thought it was real. HA!

I shouldn't make fun, but I can't help it! But its so damned funny! I guess being a dickhead to crazy people means I can't also believe in the NAP or work toward libertarianism locally.