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I have to chime in here. The

I have to chime in here. The argument you're making against Dale being born again is the kind of thing that rubbed me way wrong when I was a Christian. You're saying one sin is worse than another. You're saying because Dale participates in certain sins and doesn't change his ways, he's not saved. However, your sins, which of course or the less obvious ones (lust in the heart, covetousness, jealousy, unrighteous anger, pride, etc.) are somehow acceptable.

I could say the exact same thing to you that you're saying to Dale. If you were really born again, you'd change your ways from that evil-doing. Filthy rags are better than what you're doing. Clearly you're not saved, because you're not perfect.

Of course the entire message of Jesus is that you can't do it on your own and you never will do it on your own, and he has to do it for you, and you just have to accept the gift. But somehow certain sins preclude people from being saved and prove that a person isn't saved.