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Nonsense. The NAP conforms

Nonsense. The NAP conforms perfectly with our nature. It lets us do whatever the hell we please so long as we don't harm others. In what possible way can you justify that you think it is normal that people believe its okay to harm others as civilized beings? This is a collectivist construct and an abortion of our reason.

We as a species are victims of cognitive dissonance brought on by a thousand generations of subjugation to criminal gangs. Our religions teach obedience to arbitrary authority, our children since the dawn of civilization have been educated and indoctrinated into worshiping the gangs and believing that might makes right. What chance does your average human have of breaking free of the government paradigm when their ancestors as far back as recorded history began were indoctrinated with the same illusion? Perhaps out of need. Ours is among the first generation to actually even have the opportunity and capability to expose ourselves to the uncensored philosophy of liberty because of technology. This will spread like fire unless the gangs manage to shut down its spread, and I think this is not possible any longer, not without raw, naked force. If that happens, all bets are off on predicting the future, save that it will be bloody.

No amount of education or exposure to the ideas of Marxism will help communism however. It is doomed to fail because it is a failure of philosophy. A logical fallacy which cannot function. Life is not fair, and it cannot be made fair by brutality, what could be more unfair than a government truncheon? Communism relies on theft and whenever you have a society built on inequality, its only a matter of time before the slave rises against the master; or else is utterly subjugated by a total Orwellian state which would be hell on Earth to put it plainly.

In the end, human nature is simple. We are selfish, confrontational apes who war over resources, jealously guard what we value and love, and always try to get the upper hand over our neighbors. We are never content with what we have and always want more more more! This is what raw, stateless capitalism offers us, the ability to live exactly as we are without violating anyone's rights. It is the ONLY system that lets us be humans.

How many more thousands of years of failure and mass graves will it take people to understand this fixation on gang dominance is NOT working? Well, unless your last name is Rockefeller. Liberty is the only way forward.