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I do complain

a reason corporations were originally charted for limited purposes versus the concepts of corporations today and limited liability exist because business interests lobbied for them. The same way public roads exist because originally cyclists petitioned government and lobbied for "good roads."

In making this complaint I do not discount a statist environment. Limited liability corporations or public roads may never have come about if a majority of people did not go along with it. The whole point of public relations is to sell an idea that benefits a certain group to a majority audience as a benefit to them. People went along with the New Deal because they felt it was in their best interests.

If there was no statist environment and instead an environment where people demanded a free market things might be different. A market with zero cost to enter because people value opportunity for competition to be in their best interests in order to keep economic concentrations of power under perpetual threat. However, that is not the environment we have or have historically had. The environment which exists is using government to force everyone else to go along with your ideas and the way to do that is convince them government implementing your ideas is in their best interests.

The real danger is not concentration of power. Concentrations will always occur. They only become a real problem when concentrations of power have no real threat of competitors because people believe government monopolies or a list of government approved choices are in their best interests.

We do not have a limited government because people do not generally believe a government constrained to delegated powers is in their best interests. Nor do we have a free market because people do not generally believe competition and zero cost to enter the market is in their best interests.

I think you exaggerate idolizing. It is true libertarians suggest the Articles of Confederation were better than the Constitution because a system of voluntary requisition is more ethical than a system of compulsion. It is not like libertarians are suggesting the AoC ought to be revived. It is time to move beyond monopolies in defense and justice and let these services compete in a free market just like any other service.