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kiddie table indeed

Didn’t I use that one on you last year when you were trying to pass off your so called superior knowledge of modern banking….wasn’t it something like banks could lend all they wanted because they would just get all the reserves they needed from the Fed…..and didn’t I prove that you had no understanding of the way reserves moved from one side on the balance sheet to the other and became capital requirements…….yeah I remember you….dummy. Did you ever take that accounting class I recommended?

But let’s just stick to the topic at hand for now……answer me this “Bill”…….please answer this or I won’t go any further with you………Are you a good person? Do you not violate others because its the law or because you understand that to do so is wrong? Do you think are the only good person in this world? (you probably do because of how narcissistic you are)If the answer is no, you are not the only good person in this world, then why can’t we all just get along……….i guess because you just don’t want to let people live the way they want to live……so YOU need the State to make sure they live the “Bill” way .

And you didn’t answer me…….are you a Yankee?