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Okay, so it's the same

Okay, so it's the same paradigm as the "scale in the sky" that many Christians use to show people that they're gambling with their souls, except now instead of measuring the good and bad of a person in order for them to be saved or get into heaven, the measure is how much they really believe and act as a result of their belief. How convinced in the heart, rather than the head, they really are, and how borne out their faith is in their actions.

How much is enough? What is so different now from when you had the head knowledge but were having sexual relations outside marriage? You're more convinced in your heart that you need Jesus and he's your personal savior? What about the times when you rely on yourself to defeat sins? Why aren't you more reliant and trusting in him at those times? What about when you indulge in a sin even though you know it's wrong?

"Those who are possessors of eternal life by the grace of God, obey Him."

"Christ is the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him. We don't keep ourselves saved by obeying Him, but obedience is simply proof that we are His sheep. If we had to keep ourselves saved, we wouldn't last long. We obey Him because we are saved, because we know Him."

Can you really say you obey him? If so, how much? And how much is enough obedience? The statement "Those who are possessors of eternal life by the grace of God, obey him" is a black-and-white statement. You either do or you don't.

I think all you've really done is moved the goal posts, but by the theology you've pasted here, you're still failing to obey, I reckon.

Plus, I think once you adopt this theology of obedience proves salvation, you've opened yourself up to a world of pride. And you better get rid of that pride for good the first time it comes up, because otherwise you're not obeying, are you?...