Comment: Well it was

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Well it was

It was interesting and was enough to spark an objective and critical view from me! =)

Like I said, her method and understanding WAS technically correct. But I learned the unit circle.

It wasn't until later that I studied Archimedes and Euclid a bit and understood why the unit circle was the way it was. But it makes sense to me.

That's awesome though that she's nine and getting interested in stuff like this, dude... I was nine once and I think I recall my main interests as Pokemon and riding my bike... But certainly I wasn't into anything as thought-provoking as that.

Yeah I'm a Junior and I've always had a really good knack for math and numbers, plus I've always appreciated science (dont we all?)... So physics seemed about right. It was always tough for me (dont we all struggle?), but I wanted to strive for it so here I am lol...