Comment: I'll be happy to help connect the dots for you.

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I'll be happy to help connect the dots for you.

FIRST: Truth is usually...and sometimes overwhelmingly...stranger than fiction. So be prepared. The "truth" can sometimes take you down a rabbit hole so deep and dark and vast you would never have imagined it ever existed.

SECOND: Become a "truther" i.e. one who seeks the truth. (This term "truther" has been used by the PTSB (the "Powers That Shouldn't Be") as a derogatory in an attempt to marginalize some very rather intrepid individuals and organizations who are daring to raise the many, many questions about the official state-sponsored account of 9-11.)

I don't want to give "them" (the PTSB that is) that pleasure (of defining whatever Newspeak term they try to cram down our throats). So back at them...I tell them I am a "truther" and damn proud of it.

I mean, the logic of this argument begs the question as to what is the alternative to being a "truther"? A "LIESer"? One who seeks lies? No thanks! Every patriot should be one who seeks the truth. As I said, I am a "truther" and proud of it.

THIRD: You don't need my help to connect the dots for you. Its all right at your fingertips and usually available for viewing for free on line. What I would say is the first dot to connect (and there are many, many more)... I would suggest a stunning documentary from a bunch of architects and engineers:

I wish you well on the journey. Pull down your protection & retraining device, and at all times, keep your hands inside the car.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.