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You are absolutely right

They were not concerned with NAP, in terms of the rules they set for themselves. What does impress me about their system is that they created a system that was decentralized to the individual.

Just for the record, this is the model of government that I envisioned, while I was sleeping in my rack, on deployment in the middle of the Arabian gulf. And this is before I started learning about Scandinavian culture and history(or rothbardianism for that matter). I will sum up the train that led me here:

Postal service is fine, as long as it pays for itself through market activity

Any social program government wants to engage in including welfare is fine, as long as they pay for it through market enterprise...

Government should be subject to the same laws as every individual

They should be allowed to do everything an individual is allowed to do

They should not be allowed to do anything an individual is not allowed to do

police should enforce laws equally on all, and should be funded by government revenue earned in the market

Any citizen should be allowed to enforce all law.

Why do we need police, if all law can be enforced by anyone, and funded through market activity.

Courts juries, and judges should be voluntary positions

If the citizens are the government, enforce the laws, etc... What is the purpose of government?

Government is for foreign policy

Foreign policy should be determined by representation of the general citizenry through a Republican system where they are chosen by voluntary democratic election.

What about people who chose not to participate? Did not claim allegiance to the government?

long as law was enforced and standard amongst populations multiple governments could exist within the same territory and there would be minimal interference, because law would be enforced equally across the board...

I know, I know, it is very immature. Remember, this is when I was a kid, serving my country, fighting for freedom and democracy in the middle east.

I will say that when I learned of Rothbard's an-cap theory about 5 years later, my mind was completely blown. I agree, I don't believe that the market would provide sufficient protection from coercion. I believe it must be voluntarily accepted amongst the vast majority of a population, that these are the laws that must be respected. I think government will be non-territorial and voluntary. And k believe eventually it will not be funded by taxes, and its legal system of property rights will be modeled after the most accurate scientific theory of economics, that of the Austrian school.

I know I am opening a can of worms here. We can continue this on another thread. I was just in the mood to share. Bill, you are a good friend. I meant it when I said you were one of my favorite posters