Comment: Rand: Enough Israel Pandering Already!

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Rand: Enough Israel Pandering Already!

Rand's pandering to the pro-Israel crowd was already tiresome, but now he's gone way over the line. This exasperating column is as filled with half-truths and outright falsehoods as any piece written by a standard neocon Israel apologist.

Deep-pocketed Israel-firsters have pledged to spend big money to thwart Rand's presidential campaign. It seems those threats are working their magic on Rand's rhetoric, but I'm skeptical that all of his bowing and scraping to Israel will change their feelings and intentions about him.

I dread the upcoming GOP debates and seeing Rand pathetically dive in head-first as the various candidates make the case that they are more loyal to Israel than the others, a spectacle that Washington and Jefferson would find positively abhorrent.