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This is such

a disgrace, that Rand is so infactuated with this cryptically idolized country, he panders about an obvious political/racist inspired target of guilt! As Spock would always say to those who jump to conclusions, that are inprobabilities, 'it's illogical'.

People tend to believe, that Hamas are like the rag-tag sand dwelling uneducated groups promoted by the Zionist controlled media. However, they are educated intelligent people who look for leverage, to use against the overwelming dominant force of the IDF. If you recall, when Hamas captured an IDF soldier a few years ago, they didn't kill him, but used him to negotiate the release of over 1000 Palestinian prisoners. So, why would they kill these teens when they could use them for leverage? And, if they did kill these teens, why would they leave the bodies to be easily found, knowing the murderous retalitory result by the Stalineske Netenyahu? Here's a video by BBC, questioning the actual lack of proof directed at the Israeli UK Ambassador, where he uses the usual tactic of saying there's proof without actually providing any.

Here's an analysis of Netanyahu and Israel by a Jewish American, Jim Kirwin, a progressive who is more aligned in Liberty with Ron Paul's ideology, than Rand ever wished to be. He uses emprical facts not created fabrication presented by the owned US media and politicians.