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Not quite right but close

I think using the word criminal is furthering the confusion. Anarchist believe that government uses force which is 'wrong' (in quotes because that can be a funny word). Anarchist, I would say, don't actually believe in the concept of government because government implies that 'someone has the RIGHT to use force against you.' Since i don't believe anyone can have that right, i don't believe governments exists. I believe gangs and mobs exists and they often have a good PR campaign that convinces people that they are good to them when in reality they just use force against them.
Sooo... when you say "then they are claiming the right to use force to stop government aka criminal activity?" I would say that is somewhat true, I am claiming the right to defend myself against people who try to use force against me. since government is made of people, yes i would defend myself against those people. I would not say that an Anarchist could ever try to use force (or 'government') to change/remove government because you would be implementing the same policy that you don't believe in.

"So is the act of forming a government a criminal act?" again thats a confusing question due to the term criminal. 'Forming' a government would be fine but as soon as one law/act was decreed they would have acted beyond they right and self defence of the people would be the appropriate response.

I think what you want me to say is that in a Anarchist society people are 'forcing' others to not form a government, which contradicts its basic principles. Anarchist arent stopping anyone from anything but once they start using force on anarchist, they will be ignored or it will end in a fight.