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What can you give?

Your love, of course
The course you run
The path you walk

Keep yourself up
Hold up others
Love your God
Love your Brother

What more can anyone give
Than to finish the race
And in faith live
Your role, your place

For God that's enough
He gives his grace

But hey
If you find yourself in doubt
Rolling in hate
Hope, without

Try to bear up, keep your strength
Despite the pull, temptations way
The draw of faction, contentiousness
The lonely path to selfishness

The path to sin
Paved with pleasure
Regress to death
Take it, never

Throwing back the sacrifice
In the face of the only Christ
That will ever come
The only God

Closing in, Heart is hard
Feeding on wrath, Sewing division
Crooked path
Irrevocable decision