Comment: Yeah, I'm curious too

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Yeah, I'm curious too

A big part of it for me [certainly not all of it] would be to see if it actually impacted the other days, being patient before even considering repercussions for "ppl who continually spew anger and aggression all throughout the week". Like you sorta alluded to three comments back [your comment not above, but below to Nonna], any flirtations with restrictions on other days would be better to wait until after seeing if FFC Thursdays actually do make the other days more peaceful.

I would personally [probably] never be for such restrictions or repercussions beyond what is generally used by mods in DP oversight.

But anyway, having a fight day is brilliant, even if for no other reason than to attempt making other days more tolerable, which many here have claimed they'd like to see. It would be similar to this...

Imagine you are still hosting Jam Session. Imagine you don't like Rap music. You would be clever to pick the day of the week you are least likely to hang at the DP. You would declare that "Rap Music Day". I'm willing to bet that would channel Rap tunes to that particular day overall, and that there would be fewer Rap postings on other days. People might start to hold out their Rap tunes for Rap Day, maybe even burn themselves out on it on that day, until the next week. It reminds me of my alcoholic thinking. When I actually committed myself to plans of drinking on Saturday, it [sometimes :D] made it easier for me to focus on other stuff Monday through Friday. No, I haven't forgotten Sunday. Sunday was WHOOPS! I j st spilled coff e on my keybo rd! .. got a go!