Comment: I was a vegetarian

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I was a vegetarian

on and off for 10 years. Since I am lactose intolerant, this also meant no dairy. I feel it damaged my health. I looked like a starving child from Biafra (for those who remember that). It caused some premature aging of the skin. I will never do that again. I now eat, primarily, fish and chicken, but I will also eat beef about once a week usually in the form of grass-fed burger. Very very rarely, like maybe once a year I will eat pork (I live in the South so BBQ is every where). I look better, feel better, am healthier. Some people can not be vegie...I can spot them a mile away, usually men. Men need more protein because of muscle mass; if they do not get enough protein, they look it. I know this is not 100% true...some people can do it and be very healthy. (BTW, animals eat other animals....they have no problem eating what it takes to survive. Maybe it's genetic to some extent; I am Eastern European..heavy meat, dairy, eaters.