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has a lot of respect for price so "reflections" wasn't a hit piece, although he doesn't mince words regarding fallon and the current crew who run the foundation. i could be wrong but i seem to recall some natives in the film used dairy and vegetables or fruits. there are certainly some contradictions. what appeals to me is investigating and seeing what speaks to me about enhancing a healthy and natural plant based diet. longevity is another interest! btw fuhrman's nutritarian diet allows small amounts of meat or fish, but he doesn't eat them and would rather take DHA/EPA (his brand). pisco-vegan may be an oxymoron but there is a mad group of vegans who have decided to once or twice a week eat a little fish like mackrael, salmon or sardines. one thing i find with everyone (that i like) advocating plenty of vegetables, some fruit, little or no grains and no processed food. i'd say most of the vegan, vegetarian people avoid oil as well. abel at burning fat man podcast, a paleo says he is 75% vegan.
so there you go...
eat well and enjoy Pete!