Comment: I don''t technically support

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I don''t technically support

amnesty and "illegal" immigration. What I support is LIBERTY, for ALL of God's children. In the society I envision "illegal" immigration would not even be theoretically possible, as all peaceful immigration would be legal. You supporters of legal restrictions on peaceful immigration are the ones who support illegal immigration, as the laws of supply and demand and human nature make such illegal immigration both possible and inevitable in your desired system.

There are many people involved in Church activities who follow Christ's commandment to love others as themselves. These people apply that to immigrants, as well as to all other people. Why should Christians not support freedom on every issue? Did not God give us all free will? How are we going to exercise free will if the State limits our freedom to act according to our consciences?

As a Christian, I would gladly and humbly help an "illegal" immigrant in any way I could, be it with charity, or a job, or just a friendly word of support. Open your heart to God's love and you will find you don't see other people as threats, but rather, as human beings. The enemy is not people, but the Anti-Christ State.