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Comment: i don't post any original content on here

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i don't post any original content on here

i mainly just post repubs and the sort. But I was just thinking about writing something out on the same subject.

I've been trying to branch out once again and engage people in political dialogue. Got burned out after 2012. Had to take a break. The only place I could stand was of course on DP and sites like DP.

I have found no matter how nicely or politely I try to present our case, people still get severely offended.

LoL. I was just having a back and forth on a forum about bitcoin. I asked some one to define money. And then people just went straight to attacking. Something to the effect of, "asking for the definition of money is a sign of desperation." The thread was about bitcoin. To me it seemed relevant regardless if you are for or against bitcoin. I never did get a definition.

anyway Thx