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I would like to have

I would like to have financial security enough to know that my family would always be able to afford a modest living standard, so yes on one level I am envious of having more money. I am by no means sad or miserable. I have a healthy handsome son, and a wife that is pretty enough that rich guys would pay a lot of money by the hour for a similar looking one (to pretend to like their old ass).

I do not envy owning a big yacht and 3 vacation homes. I would feel like a sack of crap knowing what good I could do with that money, rather than trying to impress people.

Rich people either proudly accept that they are selfish jerks (many brag about it), or they are engaged in cognitive dissonance if they want to think they are a good person.

Let me explain my reasoning:

If you spoil yourself with material excess when you could be finding ways to help people, and simultaneously hold the belief that you are a good person, it becomes necessary to find a way to rationalize your cognitive dissonance, and relieve the mental discomfort.

Since the person needs to find a way to arrive at the conclusion they are a good person, and they are clearly not doing enough to use their wealth in a way to help their fellow man, they have to justify why they have done what they have done. The solution for them is to blame the victim, such as they don't work hard enough like me, or to compare their own donations with those around them and believe their giving is good enough.

I can understand someone pointing at a lazy piece of garbage person that will not work, and just wants to take from others, but that is ignoring people that cannot help themselves like children.

If you can have a yacht and 3 vacation homes while children go hungry, you are a piece of human excrement plain and simple. I wish I had a bigger brush to paint that broad stroke because it is Absolutely true.

Hypothetically if I won $100 million in the lottery I would sit down with a couple different financial planners and calculate out how much money my family would need to be taken care modestly for the rest of our lives, and the rest of it would be put to use lifting up other people. I wouldn't let myself be consumed by the greed because I believe it to be a one way ticket to hell, and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night without pills to help.

So I take it you are either fairly well-to-do, or believe that you will be one day?