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The thing with getting a

The thing with getting a green card is that you have to show the ability to support that person, and they themselves have to wait to receive work authorization. I do support my family of course, but hypothetically if I was laid off and it took a while to find another job, they could deny her green card. We should have an interview in a month to get her green card approved, and pay stubs and bank account statements have to be presented.

Like everything, it all comes down to money. I understand most people have a certain amount of concern over the what ifs of a layoff, like losing there house and what not, but it's another level when no one has committed any natural crime and your family can be pulled away from you.

If only it was as simple as paying your way here and working hard, it's the system of buying one's way into the country that is messed up. Those people that are coming across the border into the U.S. have no realistic hope of getting into the U.S. legally because there is no way for them to do it if they are poor. Those that are equal to what we call middle class or higher in the U.S. can do it, but the poor are mathematically excluded.

How many of those people have $5k to $10k to pay their way into the U.S.? Only the drug dealers.