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You are right there,

The CDC was talking about pandemics in 2010, remember the West Nile virus or the Swine Flu. It was a guess then as to what they were talking about. In 2014, a pandemic can be created by the "children" bringing diseases into the country which Americans have no resistance. An antibiotic resistant strain of TB could kill millions (it is highly contagious). These "children" could bring the West Nile virus and Swine Flu. Shipping them on planes, trains and buses could infect everyone on the plane, train and bus. Contact with the "children" could transfer the disease from unaware passengers to family members and neighborhoods and beyond. These isn't enough vaccine to help every Citizen. The "children" are infected with HIV, killing millions more. Measles, mumps, chicken pox, scabies which could finish off children, if the vaccines don't get them first, and other diseases the US has never seen before.

This would certainly cause a pandemic and a need for millions of "casket liners." A big thank you to Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones.