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VPN plus TOR

Thanks for the post. You've laid some ground work for internet privacy, but, as you and Smudge have mentioned, it's just the beginning. Left alone, TOR provides a false sense of security that might create problems for some indiscriminate persons.

I believe starting with a good VPN (that uses 4096 bit encryption) is a must. A VPN that does NOT log your sessions is a must (there are very few of these). Once connected to the VPN tunnel, then fire up the TOR browser. Think of it as layers of protection. There are additional advanced features of the VPN service that you can use (proxies, port forwarding, etc.), but generally speaking, a TOR layer on top of a VPN foundational layer offers the necessary layers of protection that it takes to maintain your privacy.

However, when seeking privacy and anonymity, you can NEVER sign-in to any kind of online account that can be linked to the real you, even when connected to a VPN and/or TOR. When this is done they can begin to track you by connecting the dots of your web session. Of course, when you disconnect and then reconnect to your VPN and TOR, a brand new anonymous session begins.

It should be noted that your ISP cannot see any of your activity when you are using a VPN. All they know is that you are connected to a VPN, and some ISP's don't like it. Some will throttle back your bandwidth. However, using advanced features of your VPN you can get around their efforts to throttle back.


I hope this might be helpful.