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1. Start out by getting bids from Kitco and Apmex on your collection. That should be a minimum figure you'd be willing to accept. Selling to them is easy, no hassles. But if you'll put up with a little hassle for a better return there are other options:

2. Do a little math: figure how much you would have to pay Ebay if you auctioned off your gold for the Kitco price. Add that commission to the Kitco price, and use the total as your minimum-acceptable bid, selling the item on Ebay.

3. Put an ad on Craigslist, just a little lower than the sellingprice at your local coin shops. Deliver the coins to the buyer at a coin store where the quality of the coins can be verified for the buyer, and security is good for you. Check with the store beforehand to see what commission they might charge for the service.

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