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Comment: Well water is better than

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Well water is better than

Well water is better than municipal. There's nothing added to it. The ground filters it. Medications are far from safe.

If medicine was not a monopoly, it would be better and cheaper, and insurance wouldn't be required to afford it. Insurance is just money-printing. Meat doesn't need regulation. Companies would make it in their best interest to keep customers by selling them non-tainted food.

Who reads ingredients on shampoo? Oh, and nowhere in the world are the amounts of ingredients listed. Blends of everything are trade secrets. The air he breathes is clean because pollution is a scam. Public transportation should be able to stand on its own profits, or not exist at all.

I don't need the FDIC to protect my money. I understand that putting it anywhere but in my immediate possession is dangerous. Does the FDIC protect against the collapse of the dollar?

Education of children is not society's problem, and college is a scam. Of course you make more money. It's done to pay back the debt taken out in the name of the public.

I don't need car safety standards. It's in the best interest of the auto manufacturers to make safe cars. I don't need to be forced to have set belts and air bags in my car, and I don't need laws forcing me to wear seat belts. It's my life, and a lack of seat belt or air bag can in no way affect anyone else if I get into an accident. Yeah, what a wonderful world...people forced to have electricity that don't need it. How caring of the liberals.

I don't need unions. Employers shouldn't be forced to hire anyone, and be forced to pay them a minimum. What you are worth is what you should be paid. Unions just encourage suck. I don't need a retirement safety net that's kept up by theft. I realize that I don't have enough talent to stand out and therefore never make much of myself, so will work until I drop dead. That's my problem.

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