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I said you don't get to

I said you don't get to decide any of those are unacceptable other than for yourself. I didn't say that they were what would be considered normal; at least not in polite society. However what people pretend to be into publicly, and what they "are" into privately are rarely the same. There's a reason that porn is a multi-billion dollar industry, and weird fetish stuff out sells "normal" porn.

"I didn't say it's aggressive for people who think differently to live near me, retard. I said it's aggressive that they insert themselves into situations where they aren't wanted."

Like Christian homophobes showing up to a gay pride march and screaming about hell and damnation? This wouldn't be an act of aggression either. An act of aggression would be for one of those people who doesn't hump right, according to your approved list of sexual preferences to show up onto your private property against your will and refuse to leave. If they aren't violating anyone's rights, they are not committing aggression. Please be careful with the term "retard." You're not equipped to use it properly without getting irony all over yourself.

I don't think tied up, gang banged and peed on people are expressing any morality at all whilst getting their jollies, other than the morality to be free to live as they please without sex-hating zealots trying to force their stupid ass totalitarian opinions on them. Sex isn't good or evil. Its preference. To say that some acts of sexual pleasure are evil is as stupid as saying some tastes in food are evil. They may be abnormal according to a majority, or unhealthy, but so long as we are talking about willing adults here; evil?

I think people who have sex with fat people are disgusting, but I don't go around calling them agents of the devil, amoral or threaten to drive them out of town with a lynch mob for doing it. Whatever floats your boat is your business, not mine.

Speaking of retard; why do you insist on continuing to down-vote my post, and up-vote your own? Are you trying to trick me into thinking you have some sort of consensus so that I should be too ashamed to disagree with you any longer? I already know you prefer yours to mine.