Comment: I have not seen any good 'reasoning' yet.

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I have not seen any good 'reasoning' yet.

I've seen $ dollar signs, I've seen "collection plate", and other cryptic words, but not one single well thought out reasonable answer. In fact I've been waiting for two days now for someone, anyone to question what is meant below by saying it's about "passing the collection plate".

I realize that all these immigrants must be loaded down with loose cash, so I'm guessing that some of you believe the churches want in on the action? These people must be different because I was led to believe that they were broke and trying to leave a bad situation. Do any of you church haters realize how much money is spent to feed the hungry? You spend all of your time putting down churches and the people who attend them, but you never think about what they accomplish together do you? Through the FREELY giving of people, churches and organizations they support, are able to feed untold masses of people each day. These illegal immigrants will only increase the burden on churches trying to feed the hungry.

Who in their right mind would think that churches want more illegal aliens in the country simply because it will somehow make them more money? Do you people even think before casting idiotic stones like these? The mantra "All churches are greedy money machines" is getting a little played out. You might hear of some bad churches who dupe people, but you couldn't care less about the 99.99% of churches who are barely scratching by (as they should be) and yet still fulfilling their mission to help the poor. Whether illegal or not. Remember, these people are doing what they believe Christ would want them to do, not what you would want, nor any political parties would want.