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Let's get to the bottom of this. This BS has nothing to do with concern over one's addictions or happiness. If it was, then the same effort would be applied to fight all addictions, especially those that are more damaging.

Why is it that guy's think they have to beat themselves up over porn? Is that somehow a macho thing to do?

I'm waiting for the videos made by women in which they bash themselves for lusting after material things, and their addiction to money and shopping.

Most divorces are over money, yet you hear little shame applied to such lust. Think of all the families destroyed over it, but very little is said.

Which makes one wonder why the anti-sex messages. Only thing I can figure is it is anti-male. Women want a monopoly over men's sexuality, and they don't want to compete for it, like a man has to compete to make money.

I mean, in business, can you just shame customers away from shopping at your competitor?

And if lust for money is like lust for sex, are advertisements the equivalent of porn? Yet there are billboards and ads everywhere enticing us to buy more! I get a bag of flyers and ads thrown in my yard every week. How is that porn allowed? Maybe I should throw sex porn in people's yards and see how that goes.

Endless double standards, which has nothing to do with concern over one's addictions and happiness. All about control.