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I definitely agree...

...with your complaint about those individuals who don't care to understand the reason for the holiday, and hypocritically celebrate what is apparently the opposite of what the holiday is all about.

And I most certainly agree that the continuing trend towards more police-state action and the corporatist celebration of that action on Independence Day is disturbing.

It is evident that we are no longer free like the founders intended, and the holiday is somewhat being celebrated in vain. Certainly by many.

That said, I think the 4th should be a reminder to all Americans of what it takes to secure individual liberty. It is up to individuals, like those of us who know better, to put the spirit of liberty and revolution into the minds of those we celebrate with.

Remind them that we are able to enjoy these festivities because of those patriots who declared our independence from an oppressive, centralized government. Remind them that the sights and sounds of fireworks are meant to symbolize the "bombs bursting in air" and the "rockets red glare" during revolutionary battles. Use the 4th as a good excuse to talk to others about over-reaching government tyranny, the police-state, the nanny-state, the surveillance state, etc... And remind them again just exactly what we are celebrating on July 4th. A Revolution against such tyranny.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?