Comment: LOL... blind ignorance you blaim others for

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LOL... blind ignorance you blaim others for

many comments are so ignorant... like "I've watched porn fo 20 years and this never happened to me". How is that scientific in any way shape or form, lets face it, a typical neo-con don't get in my face comments.

many of these erectile dysfunction issues are being seen by medical practioners as a growing problem and not a church issue and the research has shown this happened about the same time high speed internet came about for a certain age groups. Men who can't get hard for their woman is a big issue, you go see your doctor over this kinda SO CALLED BS, esp if you in your 20s RIGHT.

yourbrainonporn is not a christian website with loads of scientific data with reddit nofap member list going into over 100 thousand poeple, have any of the I CALL BS PEOPEL actually bothered to go on the link and read the comments, many many don't mention church at all, infact many do this to be get better at having sex with woman.