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Just lovely..

It's obvious by the way NY keeps winding up with politicians that make these kinds of laws that many (certainly not all) of these idiots voted the way they did, voted in who they voted in, screwed up their own state in the process, now they'll get irritated and move to our states, still voting the same way, oblivious to what it did to them in their home state, and screw up our states.

Sorry NY'ers. Forgive me if I don't seem very welcoming or helpful when you try to move here. When you decide to no longer sleep in that bed you made, don't come here and make mine the same way.

Think before you vote next time. Voting "D" just because it's "D" and maybe the way your parents always voted, or how your Union told you was best to vote, is apparently a really stupid way to vote. Isn't it.

We like our large sweet teas here. Thanks.

I hear Detroit has cheap property nowadays.