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You are right

Yes sir, you're absolutely right there big mike dude.
Excellent rant!
I agree...this is what happens when you "castrate yourself".
When are people gonna learn? Stop voting for these slick "new Yorkers" and vote for the average Joe.
Oh, he's a successful business man, therefore he must know what's best for the people....what a crock of BS.
I hope all the good "Yankees" get involved and put someone with some integrity in public office.
Also, when the Nazi's came for the Jews...who likely had a banker's mentality....well, they complied with the request. If the Nazi's had showed up "down south" and said for everyone to show up at the train depot tomorrow morning at 9:00am...Well, everyone would had showed up with their "deer" rifle in hand.
Thank God for "good 'ol Southern Boys".
Reminds me of an old Hank Williams song about being able to survive.