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hypocritical? That post is, and was, nothing but a sarcastic joke, playing on someone else' title from back then that had the word laugh misspelled as 'laught' and apparently a combo satire of yet some other post or event about ruining forum topics or something judging by the whole title. Read the comments through it. Just read the post itself and it doesn't take much to see it was sarcasm. It is pretty obviously dogging Huckabee about how he stole everything RP said during his run in 08.

There were a few posts by a handful of people back in those days that made light of both Huckabee's sudden constitutional rhetoric, and jokes about "laughting" as well.

I miss those days with the old DP veterans. There were some hilarious times back then with them here.

And I didn't paint "all" NY'ers with a broad brush. Hence the line "...these kinds of laws that many (certainly not all)..."