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The most important person to know is yourself. Once you figure yourself out and what makes you truly tick, you can use yourself as a template to understand the rest of humanity. Although, we are all unique individuals, we all share a common bond - we are all humans.

I've mentioned this before, but a few years back, a baby bird was learning to fly and had fallen into my garden. Of course, I had to go investigate. As I got closer, birds of all different kinds started whistling like hell - louder and louder as I got nearer. The birds, regardless of their species, were taking up for this one baby. Many people have the attitude that animals are dumb, but there's a lot we can learn from their behavior.

In nature, there are no Reds and Blues, and freedom is the primary concern. In the Society of People - where complex language coupled with technology can be used to program in real time - individuals can be kept preoccupied and made to go against their natural instincts. Etienne de la Boetie called it "Habituation to Subjection" - circa 1550s.

If you went back to when I first began posting and read everything chronologically, you would notice an evolution in my writing as I dug deeper into Human Nature and thought about practical problems from first principles. Hell, prior to discovering Ron Paul, I was a Bush apologist. It's been an interesting and ongoing gedankenexperiment.

We may disagree on issues, but I'm confident that at the fundamental levels of everything, objective truth exists. It is there to be discovered, and it's uncanny how the truth rings of truth so much more than veiled untruth. People know when they hear it.

The power of libertarian philosophy lies in its consistency with Human Nature. Many others try to paint Man as an inherently violent animal, but history shows that general populations don't stomach prolonged war, for instance. This evidence provides a contradiction to the conclusion (the epidemic of young veteran suicides does as well). Engaging in violence is often destructive to the psyche.

Systems that work contrary to Human Nature are destined for failure.

During your absence, observe the people around you. Talk to random folks that look like they might have an interesting story to tell. Take a breath of humanity.

It turns out that most people are people. Hudathotit?

Have fun.