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What you describe isn't all

What you describe isn't all that much different than the way many of us grew up in the country or even the burbs in the 50s and 60s. Well, less streaking and fewer bears I suppose.

But kids ran free and the dogs did too. We ranged as far and wide as our available mobility (feet, bikes, motorbikes) allowed and the only parental rules were to be back by sundown or let em know where you were. And there was an unspoken understanding among parents that responsibility extended to whatever kids happened to be in their vicinity.

My neighbor has youngsters ages 5-8. He sets out danger cones in the street before he lets 'em out in the street on their bikes, with their helmets. And we live in a cul de sac. When I was their age I was wandering into the woods alone to fish, or exploring "distant lands" with my friends.

I tried to provide the same childhood opportunities for my kids, but by the 80's and 90's life in the further burbs didn't even remotely resemble my childhood experience. It's sad, really, that we live in such fear of each other.

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