Comment: Go for it, young dudes

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Go for it, young dudes

and/or dudettes.

It probably seems an overwhelming prospect if you've never
been out of the Homeland - but once you've done it it will
seem routine.

Teaching kids is great (well, it's never boring, anyway) it's
also a good stealth means of learning the language faster.
I've been in the same town here in Japan long enough that
I sometimes run into former kindergarten students drinking
at the bar - needless to say I don't recognize them, but they
remember me...

Japan is somewhat similar WRT the women - the more so if
you're in a big city - but I imagine Shanghai is everything
the OP says in that respect. Taiwan, too - from what I hear.

And as a DP'er you can be an ambassador of good will and the
real American Way. Actually, if you are American and not an arrogant
asshole people will be surprised and impressed...