Comment: Purposefully targeting civilians is a WAR CRIME. 18 children dea

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Purposefully targeting civilians is a WAR CRIME. 18 children dea

JohnGalt, If one glosses over the headlines it is so easy to agree with you. But if one pays more attention to the history of the Palestinian conflict and, if one particularly reads the strategy documents from Israel, one can not but conclude that the reason for having transformed the West Bank and Gaza into virtual landlocked prisons is to steal their territory. Stealing territory is something that Israel, their soldiers, and "settlers" do against international law every day as they pepper "settlements" amongst the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Turning the West Bank into a "Grid of Control" One in which Palestinians have to show their papers at many road blocks to go to school, or shopping or to visit relatives. Check points (many times just blocks away in the same road) in which humiliation and assassination by the occupiers is a daily occurrence.

But JohnGalt, don't take my word for it; here is a first hand account from an Israeli much more in synch with Israel and Palestine than I am. I really do hope you read it:

Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic?

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