Comment: I was just making mental list

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I was just making mental list

the other day of bad and crappy trends that began during
the Reagan administration - police state stuff, bunch of federal
overreach supposedly to go after "deadbeat dad" and welfare
cheats, civil forfeiture (AKA theft)...and this whole thing about
stranger abductions and putting missing kids on milk cartons
and general paranoia bout "strangers" & such was very much
on the list.

Not that there weren't/aren't tragic cases like that, but it still
has the feeling of being social engineering to isolate and frighten
people and to get them to accept and welcome the state as all-
powerful protector/enforcer...

It's truly sickening to see parents persecuted for allowing kids
to do stuff that should (in a saner world) be considered healthy
and normal behavior. (Spend some time one
and you'll find plenty of examples.)

We generally had household chores to do on weekends, and if we
didn't and the weather was good we and most of the neighbor kids
would be told to go play outside and come back when it was dark -
and we tended to push that envelope.

We sometimes organized bicycle races, borrowed garden tools and
made forts in the blackberry patches down by the creek, occasionally
would ask if we could go shoot our 22's - and just hike a mile or less
over the hill and out of town to shoot if we had permission.

My next door neighbor and I spent the better part of a whole afternoon
digging what turned out to be a wagon axle out of a creek bank one time
- I think he may still have it...

Try doing *that* on an I-phone.