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love the government solution.

Something auto makers could do to prevent children/pets dying is put in a temp gauge/motion sensor that would kick on internal cooling fans, similar to a computer. Wouldn't take much, without government.

But guess what? The kinds of people that allow this to happen to their children and pets are not the kind of people to care about that feature on their car so they would not buy them initially....

However, it causes a trickle down. People that do care, would pay a few extra bucks for the feature, that never got used, and when that car resold on the used market, the people targeted would likely end up with the feature, whether they cared or not, until it broke. (Air bags are a perfect example).

But then you would have deaths because the people that didn't care would want to blame the manufacturer for the broken feature not working... These back and forth arguments could go on for weeks.

Make sure the problem trying to be solved is worth the effort to solve it. Frequently, it isn't. And that is why auto makers have not done so.

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