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My Target Story

I haven't shopped at Target for the last 12 years because of their idiotic return policy. It's too bad, because I liked their merchandise selection.

I bought a package of 6 pair of socks, wore 4 pair, then encountered one new sock with a hole in it. I took the package and the receipt and the holey pair back to the store and tried to either exchange it, or get a partial refund. I was willing to be flexible.

No, they would only exchange it if I took the socks off my feet, walked back home (30 min walk), dug the socks out of my hamper and dresser, and brought all six pair back in and exchanged all six for a new package of six. Note that this makes the 5 good pair unsaleable and a complete loss for either Target or the manufacturer (if they bother to return them), as well as being a waste of time for me, the customer.

My immediate problem was solved by me. I told them I would go into the store, buy another package, open it, insert the pair with the hole, and return that before leaving today -- and I did (they got to keep 5 good pair).

That isn't why I won't shop there. I don't give up on an entire store chain because of one cashier or one "customer service" manager or store manager being overzealous or having a bad day -- I've been there.

The reason I'll never go back is because this stupid policy was parroted to me, without any interest in fixing my problem if it happened again, from bottom to top of the company. A civil letter to them online and a conversation by phone with their HQ showed that they have a company policy of treating all customers like fraudulent refunders, regardless of the illogic or lack of common sense. They clearly had no interest in pleasing me, ever, or of wanting my business, and when I said I could not shop anywhere with a policy based 100% on mistrust, they shrugged.

I am an individual, and I deserve to be treated with respect. I helped put a shoplifting and fraudulent refund ring in jail, so I'm not against common sense return policies. Target's policy is stupid and pointless.

What do you think?