Comment: Your #1 reason is lame, and

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Your #1 reason is lame, and

Your #1 reason is lame, and I'm being nice. You're the reason guys like you are looked at like losers by locals and by folks "in-the-know" back home.

If you're a clean, intelligent, decent, humorous person, trust me on this, you can meet women anywhere in the world. Women especially dig foreign men, just ask any bloke with an Aussie or English accent in the US.

I used to teach English in Japan in the late 90's, and even though I experienced many things you mention, the thing that has helped me out the most in my afterlife was the job experience.

I had to design my own curriculum, teach anyone from kids to executives at Fortune 500 companies, and talk in front of audiences from 1 - 50 people at a time. It was madness sometimes, but I look back at it as a great experience.

What skills did I come away with? Effective whiteboard usage in front of large audiences, public speaking skills, curriculum and course planning, interpersonal skills, and probably the biggest was ego-less communication skills--which many young American males need help with.

So for you to sit here and say, "the job is so easy you can do it with your eyes close," says a lot about your work ethic, character, and maybe what type of school you work for--meaning one day they might decide not to pay you! It happens, trust me.

Believe this, you get what you put in.

Many jobs in the world afford people the ability to slack, exploit, and put in as little as possible... but that doesn't make it good for you. These types of companies are detrimental to your mind and character.

If you're working just for money, you're a whore... and that money that you're working for over there ain't that much after 30, trust me!