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Way to ignore every point I made...

So you're just gonna make stuff up, sensationalize, and spin things out of context to suit your position...

There are NO concentration camps!!!! LOL!

You must mean Gaza?! The place the Palestinians DEMANDED and Israeli conceded to them?

You do realize 10s of thousands of JEWS were forcefully relocated by Israeli IDF to accommodate the Palestinian radical Muslims who refused to live next to Jews and Christians. What more do "Palestinians" want. Israel GAVE them their own state. Something "Palestinian" Muslims have NEVER had before in history. They were ALWAYS under foreign rule. The very name 'Palestine' came from the Roman occupation of Israel, in Jesus' time, and was a reference to the Philistines, the ancient enemy of the Jewish people, as an insult to the Jews. There has NEVER been a sovereign state of Palestine until ISRAEL gave it to the Muslims.

Being bombed and starved?! ISRAEL is who FEEDS THEM!!! They don't produce SHIT!
In case you are freaking BLIND, DEAF, or DUMB you would know that it is the PALESTINIAN Muslims who fired FIRST! It was a WEEK before Israeli responded, and only AFTER warning Hamas to stop, or else!

"Imperialist policy". "Western Support". You must be one of those Putin lovers I'm guessing. The US and the "west" screws Israel as bad as everyone else.

NO ONE is calling human beings GARBAGE! No one but the Muslims who call for the destruction of all Jews and non-Muslims. They

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