Comment: Israel gave Palestinian Muslims their own country...

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Israel gave Palestinian Muslims their own country...

Something they've NEVER had before ISRAEL gave it to them.

10s of thousands of JEWS were forcefully relocated from the Gaza strip by Israeli IDF to accommodate the Palestinian radical Muslims who refused to live next to Jews and Christians.

What more do "Palestinians" want?
Israel GAVE them their own state.
Something "Palestinian" Muslims have NEVER had before in history! Palestine was ALWAYS under foreign rule.
The VERY NAME 'Palestine' itself came from the Roman occupation of Israel, in Jesus' time, and was a reference to the Philistines, the ancient enemy of the Jewish people, as an insult to the Jews.
There has NEVER been a nation of Palestine under Palestinian control until ISRAEL gave it to the Muslims.

Palestine STILL cannot produce enough to feed their people.
They STILL cannot get industry up and running to provide jobs for their people.
They are completely reliant of FOREIGN AID!
Much of which comes from ISRAEL!!!

And HOW DO "Palestinians" repay Israel?!

BLAME ISRAEL and MURDER their children!!!!!

WHY ON EARTH would any of you support Palestine Muslims over Israel?!

Every Muslim country is dirty hell hole. They constantly kill and oppress their own people (when they aren't killing and oppressing other people), constantly oppress their women and children, and have nothing but Totalitarian Theocratic Dictatorships as governments!!!
Freedom of RELIGION is NOT ALLOWED in Palestine!
There is FREEDOM of RELIGION in ISRAEL!!!!!!

Are some of you STUPID, or just TOTAL shills!!

Why is a great LIBERTY site like this so one-sided against Israel on this issue? I don't believe it is representative of the actual demographics within the liberty movement.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?