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Comment: The Government Has Destroyed Cars

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The Government Has Destroyed Cars

I am at the point where I will no longer buy a car made after 1990. I am a gear head and the cars that are made today look and operate like crap. I hate 99% of the cars I see on the road today. The other 1% are old cars which look, sound, smell and feel like a real car. A mans car.

Why can't we have the choice if we want safety features or not? My dream car would have:

-No air bags.
-No seat belts (I will install them if needed).
-A suicide knob.
-No catalytic converter.
-No AC (I don't use mine anyway).
-No anti-lock brakes.
-No traction control.
-No engine computer.
-No fuel injection.
-No safety reverse knob for manual transmissions.
-No automatic headlights.
-REAR WHEEL DRIVE (I hate front wheel drive!).
-No speed limiter.
-No rev limiter.
-Only electronics for radio, heater and headlights (No electronic engine components).
-A hood ornament.
-STEEL BODY (this plastic/aluminum crap has got to go).
-Option for a square body style or an old style CREATIVE body style.
-No car insurance.

Make a car like that and I will buy one. Otherwise, I hope all you BS car companies fail for making the crap you sell.

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