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Teaching English in China

I am in China now, it is my 11th visit here, I have spent time in more than 20 cities here. Anyone considering working temporary in China, for example as English teacher (and I have met many of them, not only young people but even professionals who came here to look for new experience and adventure) should consider several issues:
1) almost every university in China is hiring English teachers, so you do not need to work in a kindergarten or some obscure place - bigger your school, better treatment you will get and it is important for your reputation and your future credentials.
2) salaries may vary but it also depend on a location - e.g. big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing may be more expensive to live (food, transportation, restaurants, etc.). For example, the salary of an English teacher at China Three Gorges University (located on the banks of the Yangtze river near the great dam) is about 6000 RMB = $1000, including a spacious apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen, AC, balcony cable TV etc.
3) climate may be an important factor: Northern parts of China are much cooler even in the summer, while the South is quite hot and humid. You should remember that the schools and universities may not have any heating for the winter (e.g. Yichang, Xian, Guangzhou - no heating, but in Beijing yes).
4) sometimes the employer may offer free Chinese course I and would really recommend taking it. You may find out that being on your own in a Chinese city may be extremely difficult - most of the people do not speak any English and it will be up to you to develop a proper communication skills.
5) there is no problem with healthcare even a dental care, except it may be time consuming (due to long lines). However it is not expensive at all. Maybe a warning - dentists are a bit painful here but you can fix your teeth at a good price without breaking your (Chinese) budget.

Finally, it is important to mention good food. There is no need to cook at home and once you develop your own taste for local food, you can have good meals in restaurants (for about $20 per day) including beers.

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