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If you're like most of us here

and are basically interested in freeing yourself, this is a darn good option.

Having lived and worked abroad for much of my career...I've come to know:

- You won't have to put up with a teacher's union.
- A healthy chunk of your income is not taxed, as long as you remain outside the US for 330+ days in a tax year. Easily done, and when school is on break, travel all over China, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and other wonderful places you would never have thought to go
- Ride bullet trains at close to 400 km/h, cheaply, to Beijing and Hong Kong. Think you're gonna do that in the US any time soon?
- Visit Tianamen Square, and stand where the tank-stopping dude stood (just do it discretely)
- You'll have generally attentive students who aren't loaded up with Ritalin or other such nonsense drugs
- Chinese kids are taught to respect their elders. Remember that golden rule from your childhood? Think it applies in the US anymore?
- The parents of the kids won't make their problem your problem, in terms of their child's behavior
- Sure, you could teach at a private school in the US and perhaps get similar benefits, but you'll have to have the teaching credentials
- You'll learn about China and life generally outside the US in a way that most Americans cannot fathom, and cannot appreciate.
- You will meet interesting working expats from all over the world with little effort, and further broaden your international exposure
- The veil over your eyes will be lifted in terms of the US media from a unique perspective. You'll soon see how biased CNN is, and how Fox News is a puritanical, neocon, Israel-first joke; of course, you'll view English-speaking Chinese news outlets objectively as well...
- You will have almost no encounter with the police unless you do something totally heinous
- Chinese people will go out of their way to be nice to you and want to meet and speak to you.

I could totally go on....but that ought to get you there.