Comment: ISIS claimed responsibility for kidnapping/murder

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ISIS claimed responsibility for kidnapping/murder

"The disappearances come after the formation of a Palestinian unity government following the collapse of U.S.-brokered peace talks."

Think about this - who didn't want the two factions of Palestine to unite as one? The kidnapping by ISIS undermined this progress toward peace, and gave Israel the excuse it was looking for to bomb Palestine into the stone ages. It wouldn't make sense for Hamas to order the kidnapping. This ISIS is a rogue group working against Hamas and helping further the Israeli agenda to finish (wipe off the map) off Palestinians.

The next bizarre part of the ISIS puzzle involves the Jihadist credited with being the ‘military mastermind’ of the recent ISIS victories, Tarkhan Batirashvili. If his name doesn’t sound very Arabic, it’s because it’s not. Tarkhan Batrashvili is a Russian - actually an ethnic Chechen from near the Chechen border to Georgia. But to give himself a more Arabic flair, he also goes by the name Emir (what else?) Umar al Shishani. The problem is he doesn’t look at all Arabic. No dark swarthy black beard: rather a long red beard, a kind of Chechen Barbarossa.

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