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Comment: Teaching English

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Teaching English

I was lucky enough to live and teach English in China for 2 years..... Chongqing.

My experience was great.

Some objections to living in China expressed by some I can say for sure they are legitimate.

First off I had to sign documents stating I would not speak out or protest in any form against the communist party but hey at least I knew where I stood there unlike in the USA where it is a 2 party system.....ROFL!! 2 party system

The people for the most part were more than friendly and may people wanted to talk with me just to practice thier English skills.Also there were some who made me realize that discrimination wasnt just a word but a feeling you have inside because you are different and have no other reason not to like you.

Living was cheap cheap cheap..... I had a 2 bedroom penthouse fully furnished for what amounted to 140 USD with a maid cleaning once a week and every 4th week would wash the walls an windows for an extra 5 bucks a week...100 rmb a month.

Once my reputation for being a decent teacher spread out in the community I was offered private teaching lessons @ 100-150 RMB per hour and also went into the public schools to re enforce the Chinese teachers english lessons thru pronunciation. My youngest student was 2.5 years old my oldest was a doctor in the PLA.

Yes the women were flopping in front of me but I was a gentleman at all times an never stepped out on my wife, I take my promise very seriously even though it was constantly a temptation.

You should really learn some basics of the language so at least u can ask questions and answer some simple ones and be able to speak what you want..... being able to speak "thier" language earns you much face... respect from the locals.

When I can re-aquire my passport I have every intention to go back to China to live out the rest of my life and leave this corrupt country in my rear view.

Games games and even more games, simple songs are what is needed, the parents want to hear thier children speaking English and interacting with you.

What I can say is that June Cleaver indeed does still exist and she is in china as alot of the women hold family values as an utmost priority....that being said there are also tons of gold diggers waiting in the wings to do the exact same thing as these American women do...wanna trap you buyer / dater beware. You dont want the reputation of a womanizer or they will avoid you like the plague.

When the US consulate took my passport my PLA doctor friend talked to some government officials and I was offered sanctuary..... It indeed was a temptation but as my parents are aging I could not bear to not be here if something were to happen to them if accepted I would never be allowed back into the States.

Also know that to many school bosses/ owners you are nothing more that a prestige or status symbol as to thier wealth as they can afford to own an American teacher. Unfortunately you will only know this after it is too late. Best of luck and hope you can find a good boss who will do what they have agreed to because there is no labor board to complain to.

When I go back to China it will not be to teach english it will be to run a business that will capitolize on the wealth of the population and enhance my own as I will be living in the economic center of the world.

Good luck to any who will partake in the endeavor.

Xiao en