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I get it... but that's just

I get it... but that's just it.

Let me explain something to my young American liberty loving friends, you don't need to fly all the way to China and work for some sketchy Chinaman and his ripoff English school just to get laid.

You need to choose your route carefully, and make sure it benefits you the most. Because at the end of the day, someday you're going to hit 30 then 35, maybe 40, and the last thing you want is your resume filled with dead-end jobs and "easy" experiences.

There are tons of places in the world to teach English, but probably no better than Japan. Probably the worst place is Thailand, because Bangkok will rob you of your soul, sobriety, and ruin your life.

Tread carefully, very few make it out of that industry untainted. I made it, but some of my other friends and colleagues did not.

Besides, the Asian way is "Work hard, play hard." Not work easy, and play hard... when in Rome!

Re - Charisma man was out the year I got out. To me it was a warning sign. LOL!