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For Jen. Looks great, and peaceful J.

Mine is producing but is fading fast again this year. Way too much rain and humidity. Leaves are literally falling off plants with bacterial leaf spot because of the conditions. Tomatoes, peppers, etc..

An entire row of about 300 red potatoes are laying left on the ground out there to rot after I plowed them up today. The bug damage was so bad they are useless for long term storage, and about half of the whites were the same or rotted. Only some of the yellows are worthy of storage, but I don't even have enough pristine potatoes this year to bother with the potato pit again this year. Just too wet, humid, hot, and buggy. Basically out of 160 feet of potatoes, I may have scored two five gallon buckets worth of pristine undamaged potatoes. The rest were either too damaged to store, or total waste, rotted, and some of what was left, plow damaged at harvest.

Squash and Zuchs are long dead from molds and squash bugs.

Grapes all have blossom end rot and japanese beetles devastated 50% of the leaves. It was pointless to powder because of the constant daily rains.

At least I have some good looking spaghetti squashes, but then those grow in about any condition and are too tough for most bugs, so it isn't saying much. And how many spaghetti squashes can someone actually eat... Lol One plant makes about 10 and I had 6 plants.

The weather here can suck bad for gardening on humid wet years.

I still get quantities I can't even use all of but some things I can lose most of like the potatoes this year, potentially the hot peppers, and a few other things. If it dries up a bit, the peppers should outgrow the leaf spot, but only time will tell. The green peppers are handling it better than the hots though.

Another tough year here because of incooperative weather conditions.

Glad yours looks good though.