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Thanks BigMike...Yeah, it's all about the weather

This is in MI. We are known for some brutally humid summers, and that has done quite a number on the gardens in the past. This year has not been bad with the humidity, but the reason we had to start so late; there was still frost on the ground into June....

Also we have had some crazy thunderstorms, and we have already gone through one round of drowned tomatoes.

Not too much with any bug problems this summer though....yet at least.

Your posts did inspire me to keep working this summer though. My friend's parents as I said are getting older and doing a lot less around the yard. Originally her Mom wanted one tiny little garden plot (probably just tomatoes) and a few flower plots. I convinced her if she helped minimally I would take care of all of it, and like I said; I was very much inspired to keep them going this summer by your posts.

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